Falling head-over-heals in love at the start of a relationship does not protect couples against infidelity. Intense feelings of love change over time. Stay ahead of the game lets us do the digging for you. Our investigators are highly trained specialists with years of practical experience who will ensure your instructions are handled expeditiously and professionally, and in absolute confidence.

Why choose us

Our Investigators/detectives are engaged as private investigator to check on your partner. We understand that this is a very difficult decision for our clients; however not knowing what the truth is could be more difficult. There needs to be closures for our clients. Our investigators will help our clients through this difficult process of finding out the truth in a discreet and confidential manner. Evidence obtained by our investigators can be use in the courts of law in the event our clients decide for a legal proceeding.

How can we help you

Does he come back later than usual? Does he act weird? Does he ask for more ‘boys time’ recently? Spend less sleepless nights well call us for we will ‘catch your spouse even if he or she is creeping around with someone from the Antarctic’. Our private investigator are professional, discreet and some of the best in this field. We know about the law and its infringements, and we promise to provide our clients with legal proof.

Our Services

We let our clients be in control of the investigation as we discuss every detail of the investigation, and keep our client up to date with the findings as it happens. We update our clients about the investigations findings so our clients can make informed decisions and take the necessary actions as required. Our investigators are trustworthy and tells the truth and do not fabricate situations. Our clients have been very satisfied with our services as we have achieved >90% success rates in our investigations.


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