• Unveiling the hidden!

MVD, bringing forward the finest private detective services in Malaysia. It’s our job and our art to extend the most accurate information to our clients. We serve in all spheres whether the enquiry may be demanding over phone calls, interviews, official records or in-depth requirements necessitating undercover operations or discreet surveillance. Information is gathered and weighted well against the client’s needs. MVD believes in delivering quality services that are incomparable otherwise.

MVD since formed has gone from strength to strength delivering high proficiency solutions worldwide. Our professional detectives deliver information on time with proper secrecy maintained. The goal is to dispatch 100% productive outcomes for any Investigation needs. The brand delivers both personal and professional investigation services and reveals concealed information.

  • Hiring MVD

Humans have been highly traumatized due to the presence of manipulation in this world. MVD understands the in-depth value of trust and truth and thus is at the front to unveil the same. If you are planning to go for Private Investigation Malaysia, our expert detectives must be consulted to obtain the necessary set of inconspicuous data. If you have been thinking of hiring a private detective in Malaysia, then go ahead and explore MVD once. We investigate the truth which directly associates with your life.

  • MVD’s range of detective services

Spouse Investigation – Undiscovered lies can break us far more than the discovered ones. It’s better to know the reality of your relationship than to live with uncertainties. Being cheated upon is something that has the power to break you. Its worst for the innocent as it shatters the confidence, strength and self-esteem of the person completely. Affair outside a relationship or marriage can cause unbearable mental suffering and trauma to the one who is more involved in the relationship. Instead of insecurity and trust issues, go for the truth. Catch cheating spouse Malaysia with MVD. We excel in investigating cheating cases.

Pre-employment verification – MVD helps corporate organizations with their enrollment procedures to aid build up a strong foundation. We perform a thorough screening of the employees for assessing their capabilities and experiences. We deploy outsider reference checks for employee verification. This adds up smoothness and reliability to your hiring process.

Private Investigation – You can anyway hire a private detective in Malaysia for any good reason. Expert private detectives can help you with anything and everything like pre-matrimonial investigation, post-matrimonial investigation, sting operations, undercover operations, divorce cases investigation and more. We tend to be more useful in scenarios where it is hard to unmask the truth or it is hard to gather supporting proof. You could personally connect to the MVD detective agency and get your issues resolved ASAP.

MVD extends more services such as corporate investigation, security services, close protection and bodyguard services corporate specialist training services and many more. Hire MVD for all your detective needs because Investigation reports must be reliable at any cost!