More and more old-income apartment owners are facing numerous frauds and need proof to prove they are victims of them. That’s why homeowners who are involved in these situations turn to Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia to prove these scams.

The intervention of a detective agency and the evidence that detectives can provide are decisive in requesting the termination of the contract and claiming possible compensation once it is extinguished.

The most common cases faced by private detective companies in this area are as follows:

  1. Under sizing the property or renting rooms: Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia detectives will get information about the identity of the true occupants of a leased home. They will find out if their home is under burred to other people with more expensive subarndous rents than the leasing or if they are taking over renting the rooms.
  2. Duplicity of housing to maintain an old income: With the evidence provided by private investigators you can show that the tenants of an old-income home do not make use of it and identify the true place of residence of the tenant who signed the contract. If someone has an old rental home on property and suspects that they are uninhabited, it is not true that the tenant or direct family member lives in it, they can terminate the contract directly, but always with evidence in between.
  3. Location of Delinquent Tenants: If the tenant of a home owes money and cannot be located, our private detectives will get your current address and location.
  4. Use of the property for illicit purposes: if it is suspected that a landlord uses a home for purposes other than those agreed in the contract or that illicit activities are carried out within said house,Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia can put a solution to it through evidence and Background Checks Malaysia.
  5. Execution of works without consent not allowed in the contract: If non-consensual works have been carried out in the contract or caused intentional damage to the property, it can be demonstrated by private detectives Malaysia.

Once the particular case of each landlord has been detected, investigators can demonstrate and obtain evidence of such irregularities or fraud. How?

Checking the entrances and exits of the house and the activity of the tenants. With this,agents will be able to know if they spend the night there or not, if they use the house for other purposes or if they live other than those who signed the contract.

  • Asking neighbours questions discreetly trying to find out more information.
  • If they are premises or offices open to the public,private agents can request their services to check the status of the premises, the works carried out, the activities that are carried out inside, etc.
  • The report and evidence generated by a private analyst is documents accepted in trials, so it will be very easy for you to prove that you are being the victim of fraud.

If you are in any of these situations do not hesitate to contact us. At MVD private investigation and security services, investigators will be happy to help you.