“Protect yourself financially and emotionally”

Don’t let life treat you in an unfair manner. Your feelings are very important; don’t let anyone play with them. Love life comes up with so much happiness, excitement but the other side of love is imbibed with sadness, grief and disloyalty. You must know if your spouse is honest towards you or is just playing with your feelings and emotions because the only way to lead a happy and life filled with contentment is to not let anyone cheat on you and depict a dishonest attitude by disregarding you.

Penyiasat persendirian Malaysia or MVD’s determined Investigators and a team of detectives are involved as a private investigator to keep a note on your partner. We this is not an easy decision for our client but not knowing the reality could be more disheartening. There requires being closures experience for our clients. Our investigators will support our clients in this difficult situation revealing out the actual truth in a discreet and private manner. Proofs collected by our investigators can be implemented in the courts of law in our clients take up the decision for a legal proceeding or lawful case filing.

Investigation Services Malaysia

  • PrivateInvestigation

 MVD International’s is basically  a service allowing  company which lets  the services particularly of a private investigator to carry out spy-related things  on your doubted cheating partner   If your spouse has initiated  hiding certain things from you if his attitude is turning rude and abrupt with you or he suddenly started behaving awkward towards you and start hiding things  from you, all these and various other certain activities  result in  your suspect and doubts on your spouse and it leads to getting worried and anxious  about his extramarital affairs. You get depressed about thinking the same thing again and again. The right firm for your all need is MVD; they will recognize your spouse even if he or she is flirting with someone who belongs to a much distanced place. We formulate with the law and rules and it’s, and we ensure our clients with legal evidence and best services which will definitely yield effective results for them.

Human instinct is always filled with insecurity and when it comes to their spouses, that no wonder how technological advents have come in picture and prospects change,   cheating and disloyal spouse will still be an eternal requirement.

Corporate Investigation Services

MVD International provides a great range of services including all aspects of your investigation, involving covert undercover execution together with great-tech guidance tools.

MVD International also implements the sophisticated and complex cases of criminal and pre-trial proceedings and executes certain protracted investigative concerns for solicitors and executive counsel.

In the Investigation Services provided by MVD International are:

Asset Noting-

Find a property, improper funds and many other corporate essentials.

Background Screening

Screen present and dedicated employees implementing our efficient and award-winning screening ways to root out the bad influential.


Save your organization from accounting abusers, certain liability cases and discrimination and pseudo-claims.

Litigation & Defense Help-

From collecting proofs and finding proofs to organizing expert reviews, MVD International is your ultimate destination.

Postponed Diligence

Implementing our own SDDP model, we help organizations the right memberships that help them evolve.

Intelligent Property Infringement

Save your tacky assets like trademarks, copyrights and specific patents rights.

Secret Investigations

Allow our dedicated expert undercover operatives disclose the suspected world and by providing mean tricks by allowing you modified information thus saving your time.

Protective Measures

Saves suppressing intelligence collecting and help your team with intellect to process the counter preventive activities.

Consultancy guidance

We preserve our security audits, emergency planning, emergency management and disaster healing issues.