Following the high success rate that private investigators have enjoyed over the years, it is becoming apparent that most people are willing to hire them. As a matter of fact, a number of police departments around the world hire such services whenever the need arises. There are many government officials that prefer private investigators over those belonging to the state. This follows the numerous advantages that are associated with hiring private detectives. For example, they are generally able to handle a wide pool of criminal investigations much quicker than most government investigators. Within a short period of time, they are able to deliver the right results. Further, the use high tech methods to carry out various investigations. Not surprisingly, they are able to deliver amazing results within a short time frame. There are certain services that such investigators provide and most people are not aware of. Here is a look at four of those services that you can also hire and enjoy the results thereof.

Catching a cheating spouse

You may have heard of documentaries such as cheaters and infidelity experts. But, did you know that such documentaries and even their associated television series are organized by private detectives? This may seem to be shocking, but it is absolutely true. The truth is that such detectives are the ones that are behind such programs. They come up with the television series to alert the members of the general public to the existence of their Investigation Services Malaysia. It thus follows that catching a cheating spouse or even girlfriend is one of the abilities of such detectives. They work round the clock to make sure every cheating spouse is caught read handed and exposed. It is safe to say that their services have helped to sort out even some of the most complicated infidelity cases. This applies to both the marital and the premarital relationships. Being in a marriage where your partner is constantly cheating is not a good idea. It can be disturbing to a point that you can even be depressed. They can help you to have a piece of mind after clearly understanding what is happening in the life of your partner. You can then find it easy to make an informed decision on the direction of your relationship.

Identifying persons in CCTV footages

This is one of the services that most people fail to understand. A good number of private Penyiasat persendirian Malaysia detectives are actually able to identify persons in CCTV footages. They have the capacity to actually identify persons even in the blurriest of images that some old CCTV footages may depict. Based on this, they can help you to sort out a number of criminal cases irrespective of how complicated they may seem. They can use very sophisticated facial recognition software to actually identify characters present in specific CCTV images. You can do well to hire them if you have such a problem or anything that is related to such.